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                Z E I T G E I S T   -  T H E    S W A Y   E X P E R I E N C E

LOUIS CANE on SWAY : "Sensibilité, précision, créativité." - Founder of the Movement "Supports / Surfaces" in 1998 

sacred guide,
teacher & healer.

”Art at the tipping point. Never before has the family of humankind had a greater need for the power of Art to generate calming connections across world systems. SWAY's visionary paintings link internal emotional and cognitive systems with external cultural realities and explore new patterns for understanding nature & human nature.” - 

Dr. Phillip Romero MD, NYC  & Joe La Placa Co-writers of the psychology book “Phantom Stress”.

Besides painting pop art souls, SWAY is driven by locutions, which often unfold as symbolic portraits
of situations, countries & current affairs, as well as how we relate to one another from holistic perspectives.

Feb 2008 - Collage & Charcoal drawing on paper -  27 x 43 cm

"And this is Iraq. Look what they have done to my Son."            
This drawing is a holistic vision of Iraq, former Babylon, with it's souls (Shiìtes, Sunni, Kurds, Jews & Christians) hovering over their chopped up body (home). Later in the Spring of 2008, the spirit behind this sketch told me in locution: "watch it, as the next upheaval will come from Africa.." -  I had no idea what this was all about untill it all materialized in North Africa till today.." - Jeanne > ShorfilTRAPPED IN FREEDOM.

2007-2010  Tribute to Fukushima 
Mixed media on cut layers of poems in plexi inclusion  60x 90cm. - Private collection, Germany

"I started this painting in July 2007 and finished it over Christmas 2010, when I suddenly foresaw emerging through my own creation, a nuclear disaster......I was so overwhelmed by the possibility and reality of this vision from past visionary experiences which came true, that I immediately as an act of interceeding, decided to incorporate my poem into it. (see link). Only 2 months later, the events in Fukuschima materialized.. My own brother happened to be there on site for professional reasons on the day the earthquake took place before the tsunami ravaged everything the next day.."  - SWAY



"I once visualized body & soul as a shooting star..
in which the body was the star..
and the soul, this huge sparkling trace stars draw across the sky as they shoot by.

Just like shooting stars,
Art pilgrims its ephemeral path,
eternalized in spirit + matter = Art
A heritage expressing the art 
to love, live & let live." 

Nov 4th 2008 
MAHATMA (great soul) detail Available solo project - representing a group portrait of Mahatma GANDHI, Martin LUTHER KING, Nelson MANDELA & Barack OBAMA exhibited at Monaco's STARS'N'BARS during the US Presidential Elections.
The story behind this painting was motivated via a dream I had in Summer 2008, walking on the sandy beach shores of Monaco whilst having a conversation with Barak OBAMA. (At that time, the press thought He was too good to be true, yet would never make it to Presidency.) - I then sat down with him in a café that exists in real, and saw two dark shadows next to us, which I naïvely thought were his bodyguards. All of a sudden I saw with my third eye what was happening behind me.. that one of those dark shadowed guards was about to chop off my right hand with an axe. I then threw myself onto Obama's side and woke up from that dream looking deeply into each other's eyes. - Because I had almost lost a hand in that dream, I knew he'd become the next President despite what the press was saying, yet I also knew that he'd Always be surrounded by those dark-shadowed beings (like skinheads), threatening, manipulating and haunting his/our lives.. I always experienced that my presence was unbearable to negative forces.. yet this time it gave me even more strength in the pursuit of my call as a marginal artist." - SWAY


S U R R E N D E R 

May 17th 2012  
Live performance, 
St Charles, Monte Carlo. 
A series of unique limited editions of the tryptich and previous of her chapel works were sold that day.
All proceeds support the current building costs of the Academy de Sales in Bangalore, India.