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Out of a deep urge, observing the general world’s decline and the growing need to leave a trace though ArtArtpilgrims was born. Being an artist and a pilgrim seeking the quest of life since a revelation I had, aged four, I for years played with the idea of going with the flow, against the stream, at my own risk and conviction, thinking that "how else could one challenge modern enslavement all of us are still involved with today" - which our collective ignorance allows in the name of "progress"...

Artpilgrims grew slowly but surely on me since 2011 during my Art pilgrimages through London, Paris, Petra, Pompeii, Rome, Barcelona and Berlin. 

In all of those places I absorbed what was great and eternal, versus what was missing and ephemeral. The need behind Artpilgrims became more obvious in autumn 2012 after having met Satish Kumar, an "Earth Pilgrim", deep-ecologist and disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, as well as a Claude Grunitzky, a transcultural think-tank.

It became an "undeniable imperative", when the fruit of scientific brain studies, confirmed in an interview of Dalia Zaidel that "interdisciplinary art is indeed the secret to peace & new vision in cultural evolution".

Artpilgrims today seek to transcend transcultural Art in spirit and nature, via the Art to love, live and let live. Inspired by today's challenges and those of various artists of all times, visualizing and serving the awakening of harmony, we consecrate our Art to Life, rather than our Life to Art. It’s genuinely about finding new ways to be more purposeful, with more meaningful lives. To date 13 Artpilgrims as a cross-continent-family, co-think-&-create freely to intercede in view of tomorrow's legends, via the various dialects of Art. Artists, such as architects, painters, actors, sculptors, deep ecologists, solar power engineers, photographers, movie makers, musicians, poets, writers, healers and philosophers, sharing complementary values, in which all disciplines are no longer segregated. Gradually freeing ourselves and our surroundings from the chains of old patterns; re-embracing our universal identity within a constantly renewed attitude of integrity towards mother Nature, and faith towards the Spirit orchestrating our lives.- 

Jeanne Ricketts, founder of Artpilgrims & SWAY®

Satish Kumar

Inspirer of Artpilgrims, Earth pilgrim, activist, "deep ecologist" and follower of Gandhi, 

currently editor of "Resurgence & Ecologist" Magazine, 

Claude Grunitzky 

Author, curator & founder of TRACE Magazine and co-founder/chairmant of TRUE,

a New York based think-tank and transcultural marketing agency


Riccardo Carver

New media Architect - Torino

Orban Wallace

Film director/producer,  co-founder of Gallivant Film

Versatile, award winning filmmaker of human-interest stories

Michael Kastenbaum

Actor and media-maker

social justice activist of C.A.N. (Conscious Action Network) 


Franz Fox Kennedy 

film director/producer, Universoul LLP - Paris

Arun Kumar

Reiki master & film director/producer, SOMAfilms Ltd - London

Rune van der Meijden

Nuon Solar Team, solar car engineer, Delft, (NL)

Janine Landert Misrahi

Healer / medium, author & psychologist - Engelberg, CH


Jeanne Ricketts _ SWAY

S o u l s c a p e s 🕊️
O c e a n S k y P o e t
swayscapes | holistic scenographic murals

USA - Scotland - Switzerland

Thierry Thomassin

Wax Sculptor of Shadow and Soul, Nice (F)